Firmware update

Hi , I have an DS7 from 2018 and in the myDS app I saw that there I have firmware and map updates available , I installed ds update app on my windows PC I download the updates on usb stick and then I installed them on My DS7 ( with a firmware version from year 2021) , everything went ok so far but in second day at some point I noticed that my rear camera stop working I had black screen , I tried multiple times to turn off and on the engine but still the camera was not working, on my DS app I still saw that I have updates available , so I downloaded again on my USb the firmaware update , this time without Map update , I installed it on the car using the usb stick , I didn t get any kind of error , everything went well and than I check the camera and it was working , than I turn off engine and turn on back and afte that I had the same issue , the rear camera not working again, I re installed after that again firmware from USB stick and than I saw the message from photo bellow which looks strange for me with that warning icon, so I thought that maybe some files were corrupted or sth didn t went well during installation so I formated my USb stick but then I tried to copy firmware to my USb from ds update app but I can t since now I have the latest firmware version , one from year 2023, so not sure what to do , not sure why rear camera it s not working and how to make it work also don t know if I need to reinstall firmware and how to do it right now since I don t have anymore the possibility to copy it on usb stick using ds update app, if someone can help please and sorry for long story

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