Fuse for hardwiring dashcam

Hi there fellow DS4 owners/enthousiasts!

I’m looking to install a dashcam into my precious DS4. In my previous car I had it ‘hardwired’ into a fuse that was only enabled when the ignition is turned on. I would like to connect it in the same way again.
Anyone knows which fuse from the internal fusebox to pick? Or someone has a diagram of the fuse box so I can find a suitable one myself?

Did you get this sorted @x3n0n10? Happy to help if not.

Hi @alex , no not yet! Happy to receive some help :smile: Hope we can find a good solution to share with others looking for a tidy way to install a cam.

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Hi @x3n0n10,

There are a few fuses that you can piggyback off. These are all accessory switched, so will turn your dashcam on/off with ignition.

  • F1 - Glove box lamp - USB Port 4 (USB Recharge Row 1) - Central Storage Compartment Lighting - 5A

  • F4 - Front Left-hand and Right-hand Reading Lamp - Rear Right-hand and Left-hand Reading Lamp - 10A

  • F14 - 12V front socket - 20A


Fantastic! I’ll see if I can find some time to get around to it, will report back here on my findings. Thanks @alex !

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Only had a piggyback cable lying around for a Mini/APM type of fuse, but if I’m not mistaken the marked fuses are all Micro2 fuses. New cable on the way! :package:

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Okay that took a little longer than I hoped, but I promised to report my findings :slight_smile:
I got the Viofo VS1 as dashcam, it’s brand new and nice and compact. I got it working perfectly, the camera is in parking mode (timelapse recording) when ignition is off, and when ignition turns on, the camera starts recording immediately :+1:

I’m giving you some pointers on how to get it to the place I put the dashcam, which is behind the rearview mirror on the passenger’s side. This way it doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view.

  • Had a little trouble getting the piggyback cables in there due to lack of space and big hands, but I got them in there. I chose fuse F7 for continuous power and F4 for switched power (refer to @alex’s diagram above).
  • There’s a screw to the bottom-right of the fuse box, you can use that as a neutral line. Or any other bare stretch of metal of course.
  • Then routed the USB cable upwards through a hole in the dashboard below the A-pillar. Ah yes, the A-pillar. BEWARE, this thing is a *** to take off, I ended up breaking the connector of the tweeter. Duct tape to the rescue! Tuck the USB cable in between the others so it doesn’t rattle about while driving. When that’s in place, very carefully put back the A-pillar, not jamming anything or cracking more. Generally, just do it better than I did.
  • Carefully pry open the plastic housing behind the rearview mirror, which houses the car’s camera
  • Continue tucking in the cable above the windscreen, all the way to the passenger side of the rearview mirror
  • Then you’re gonna put back the plastic housing with the USB cable sticking out on the side, just long enough so it’s going to reach the base of the dash cam. Assuming you’ve already thought of the place you’re going to put the dashcam
  • You should be good now, put it to the test!

I’ve made some pictures for reference. Good luck if you’re going to try it yourself!

Excuse the static sticker, it’s extremely ugly, I know