Fuse for hardwiring dashcam

Hi there fellow DS4 owners/enthousiasts!

I’m looking to install a dashcam into my precious DS4. In my previous car I had it ‘hardwired’ into a fuse that was only enabled when the ignition is turned on. I would like to connect it in the same way again.
Anyone knows which fuse from the internal fusebox to pick? Or someone has a diagram of the fuse box so I can find a suitable one myself?

Did you get this sorted @x3n0n10? Happy to help if not.

Hi @alex , no not yet! Happy to receive some help :smile: Hope we can find a good solution to share with others looking for a tidy way to install a cam.

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Hi @x3n0n10,

There are a few fuses that you can piggyback off. These are all accessory switched, so will turn your dashcam on/off with ignition.

  • F1 - Glove box lamp - USB Port 4 (USB Recharge Row 1) - Central Storage Compartment Lighting - 5A

  • F4 - Front Left-hand and Right-hand Reading Lamp - Rear Right-hand and Left-hand Reading Lamp - 10A

  • F14 - 12V front socket - 20A


Fantastic! I’ll see if I can find some time to get around to it, will report back here on my findings. Thanks @alex !

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Only had a piggyback cable lying around for a Mini/APM type of fuse, but if I’m not mistaken the marked fuses are all Micro2 fuses. New cable on the way! :package:

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