Get the Polyambient lights

Is there someone that has experimented with this? Is it possible to make this work in a car without polyambient lights? I have a friend working in a PSA Service station and we are going to try of its possible to get this to work in a Exclusive model, as far as I know this is only a feature in the Opera range, in 2023 year models

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Did you manage to find further information on this. I collected my 2021 ultra prestige 2 days ago and presumed this would have the ambiant lighting but it appears not to have it, can it be retrofitted?

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Yes it can be retrofitted.

@Dave are any wiring changes needed? If not, it is just a case of plugging it in and having someone with access to Diagbox, or Telecoding activate it in the required ECUs.


Thanks i have sent @dave a message

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I got a response from David, I have asked him if its possible to get the exakt part numbers.

”The polyambient light option can be fitted we do not sell the parts. The door handles and wiring must be installed and an ECU control unit also wired behind the dashboard.”

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Thank you for the quick reponse, any idea of total cost for this?

Hi Benjamin,

The polyambient door panels will likely be the most expensive bit. They are coming up as hundreds direct from Citroen/DS, however you can likely find some used ones online by searching for the part numbers.

I’m unsure on what wiring and ECU is required - if you can find out the part numbers again, google searching is your best bet. I can also recommend sites like - they have an enquiry form where you can request parts.