Greetings from the Netherlands!

Hi everyone,
My name is Joris and I’ve been the proud owner of a DS4 Cross Rivoli E-Tense 225 (what a mouthful :grin:) in Crystal Pearl for a little over a year now! Really adore the looks, and other do too looking at the amount of heads that turn around when I pass them :wink:. Also the ride comfort, wowzers. Coming from a Mini, a difference of night and day.

Being a Rivoli it has practically all the bells and whistles you can get on it (only left out one of the checkboxes), so feel free to ask me anything about it.
I hope to gather some nice tips and tricks from this forum because I’m kind of a gadget freak myself, cannot resist the urge to press every button there is and finding hidden things along the way :wink:



Hello and welcome to the forum.

I also have a DS4 and love it. I’ve had the car since Sept 22 and never had a problem.

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Hi Joris, I have a very similar car to yours so I am very interested in your experience so far.

Firstly how is it going on the consumption side. What kms do you get on a full battery alone? And what about on a longer motorway run?

Secondly easily the worst thing about the car is the app. No actually, the worst thing is the total failure in six months of trying to get any response from the central dept in Paris that the Czech importer has to go through.

Anyway. The main thing is the app fails to track where the car has got to. So it is useless if youve stopped in a new place and want directions back to where you parked the car, as it thinks you are in the previous place to the latest one. Ironically, friend of mine has a Mini, and he says that function is perfect on his app. It also fails to log about 25% of my journeys so the stats from that section are useless. It’s the most useless app I have ever had on my phone in recent years. But what is your experience? Even if it works perfectly for you that would be good to know, at least if anyone in Paris actually cares.

They probably think the app isn’t important but if they are going to go full EV against Tesla, they need to sharpen their game big time.

Otherwise I love the car!


Hi @PragueAddick ! I’ve noticed it depends very much on the weather in terms of battery range. On a full charge in ‘cold’ weather (say 10 degrees or less) I’d struggle reaching 30kms on a full charge. But now, at time of writing in full summer (20+ degrees), I can reach around 45. But of course that also depends on the type of road. You can forget about those numbers on the highway, but they should be doable in city traffic and smaller out-of-town roads.

But to be honest, most of the time I’ll immediately switch to either Hybrid or Comfort mode. Next to that I’ll pretty much always program in the destination address using the built-in nav, so the car can figure out when to use the battery. That way when I reach the destination, it will be nearly empty, ready to charge again. This usually gives me a fuel consumption of 1:35 (with distances up to 100km). When you drive longer distances the ‘spreading out battery over the trip’ thing doesn’t work too well, and result in a higher fuel consumption.

You could say the battery/fuel consumption thing has become a sports of some kind :slight_smile:

About the app, I’ve stopped using it for a couple of months, also because of the instability of it. But not for the reasons you mentioned, I don’t recall having issues with that. If I can think of one thing you can check is wether your phone is always connected to the car while driving, the app is active (in the background), and linked to the user profile that’s active in the car. In my experience if those three things are set up then it should be working properly.
The problems in the app i’ve had were issues with the general logging in and connecting to the car to get the charge status. I was done with that. Maybe a little off-topic but I’m now using a plug-in for my Home Assistant to control/check these things. Way more flexible and always working up until now :slight_smile:

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Hi Joris. Thanks for your very useful reply. The one thing that puzzled me was the metric you used when describing your fuel consumption. I’m only familiar with l/100kms (and the UK mpg of course) . We finally took the car on a long holiday and on the way up to the German coast ( autobahn nearly all the way) I was getting 6.3l/100kms. But this car only got past the 3000kms total mileage during that trip, so I am sure it will get better. Today it looks like the battery charge would be good for 50kms, although conditions were probably perfect.

One small thing I discovered up here is that the windscreen washer reservoir seems pretty small, and there’s no indicator to show how much liquid is left.

Thanks for your tips re the app. Unfortunately they dont crack it. Right now the app says the car is 16kms away, whereas its in the driveway here!

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Ah yes the l/100 metric is being used more often apparently :sweat_smile: Force of habit I guess. The 6.3 looks familiar to our trip last year to/from Croatia. Once the battery is flat, these numbers start appearing, especially when you go well beyond the 100 km/h mark, and fully packed.
I can also agree on the windscreen fluid capacity. However I also think that the fancy sprayer-within-the-blades is very generous if you know what I mean :wink:

I figured that my tips around the app weren’t going to help / were things you already tried. Then your point of view of the app still stands unfortunately!

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