Hands-free powered tailgate

Hi guys,

I looked for the option to use the hands-free powered tailgate but cannot find it in my DS 4 E-tense. Today I drove a loaner and this one foes have that option.
Normally you would find in the the settings-> verhicle menu but I am missing that option.
The loaner and my car are identical for the rest so I am puzzled.
Is it an option for which you have to pay extra?
The garage could also nog give me a clear answer

in 2022 it Was an option which could be bought for around 150EUR but it was also available in Access Pack which added hands-free tailgate, electrically powered tailgate and 360 degress camera. I don’t know how it looks right now for model year above 2022.

Hi, in Sweden it was still an extra option for year 2023. But - when ordering my car it was not even possible to add that option.

Thats a bit silly in a car for that price point.
I am surprised

Yepp, should have been a standard feature, especially as the tail gate release button is located in such a awkward and sometimes really dirty place… I have the electric tailgate so it’s possible to open it from the key fob, but anyway…

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fully agree, access to the button is a disaster.

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I have the hands-free tailgate but it’s so stupid piece shit that none can miss its existence. It just makes me look stupid twisting and shaking my legs behind the car trying to open the boot with leg moves. Then all the sudden the tailgate is opened when I walk away from behind the car.

It doesnt work 100% of the time but in my case around 90%. The move is like You would want to kick under the bumper in Center part.
Swinging the leg left to right doesnt work.

Right, maybe this is yet another thing that will work better when there is not snow piles around the car. The sensors may have been frozen too. About how close are you when you perform the kick move in the middle of the car under the bumper? I have to drive to some remote place to practice this wizardly.

around 20cm from the car I think.
The kick has to be rather fast, definitely not to slow but sometimes it doesn’t work.

Yeah, I’ve been learning this magic now and it’s getting better. One thing is for sure, if the cable is connected to the charger port the tailgate does not open with kick gesture. As well having legs spread a little helps the sensor to understand the move. Then there is a small, like second, delay so one shouldn’t try again too fast or the gate stops there.

Yeah that’s true :slight_smile:

Have just had my car for two days, but 100% success rate with the hands free tailgate.
Really good! Might be that I’ve practiced on a Superb 2017 for three years and then a For three and a half. Neither of these two had been as “easy” as the DS handsfree tailgate.