Hello from NI

Hello everyone.

I’m Pete and I’ve just ordered my first DS - the new DS 4 Cross e-tense - subject to a test drive and my home being suitable for a charge point.

I drive a Lexus at the moment and was looking for a new car this year so visited a local DS Salon while my Lexus was being serviced.

I wanted a PHEV with a level of luxury and spec that matched, or bettered, the Lexus and had spotted the new DS 4 while looking at various internet reviews. The only Lexus PHEV was too big for my liking so I was looking elsewhere. The DS Salon only had a LHD display model but I was able to see enough to place the provisional order.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed in the hope that the DS will be reliable as I have little doubt that I’ll be proceeding with the order after a test drive and I’m sure my house will be OK for a charge point.

I know little about cars, apart from how to drive one, so, whilst I will help others where I can, I’m sure I’ll be seeking advice more than giving advice!

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Welcome Pete! The DS 4 is a great choice, especially the CROSS as they really stand out with their rugged trim and raised ride height. I’ll be driving a DS 4 CROSS later this month, so I’ll be sure to send you some feedback ahead of your test drive.

What colour and spec did you go for - any add-ons?


We picked the copper gold as it seems to suit the black highlights(my wife likes plenty of black cladding!).

The new cross is unlike the old DS 4 Crossback as I understand it doesn’t have a raised ride height.

I’ve loaded a few options - comfort pack, heated wheel, electric seats, Focal stereo, sunroof - as I wanted all that the Lexus has, and more!

I picked a PHEV as most of my use is short local trips. My wife has moderate/severe dementia so the trips are to day care, medical people and pharmacy etc. Because of the dementia I change my car more often than I need to in an attempt to give a grim life extended moments of the happiness that comes from a new car. I don’t care that it’s an expensive way to buy cars as I earned the money and want to enjoy it before the Government takes it for care costs should I ever need care(my wife is already losing some of her hard earned savings :cry:)!

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I should have added thanks for your offer of a review Alex. I’d be very interested as I’m itching to get my test drive.

On a general note I look for comfort and easy to use Tech, rather than a ‘sporty’ drive - although I do like the torque of ‘e’ power :grin:

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