Hello from Nottingham

Hello from Nottingham. I have a DS7 and I’m very happy with the car so far. Mine is on a personalized plate but a 70 reg originally. After sales service is crap in my area, and as I am an ex mechanic (although this was many years ago), I am very confident in my mechanical abilities and find that I can do most things that dealership would do, if not better, at least to the same standard. Just did my first service at 12k miles, changed oil and all filters, with the exception of the carbon activated pólen filter, which is a b…rd to get to (under the steering wheel).
I have also removed the 12inch central screen to eliminate some plastic creaking noises and found it surprisingly easy to do. I’m looking forward to see topics and hopefully pick up the brains of like minded DIY DS7 owners!


Welcome! Great to see someone who’s handy with the DS 7 - many people don’t like to touch newer cars for fear of breaking them, but like you I enjoy doing as much as I can myself. :smiley:

Welcome, this puts you very close to me as I’m in Nottinghamshire, I agree about the after sales, mine is currently in Leicester Robins & Day for some work paid for by DS. I might have even driven past you at some point as I’ve started to see a few more DS7s in the county since I got mine!


Hi Rui. I look forward to seeing the comments from yourself and others as nothing beats wisdom from experienced users.

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Hi Rui,
you’re not wrong about dealer service!

its embarrassing and they just dont care.
Not all dealers though as my previous dealer was BCC who coundnt do enough to help

The ones i bought my DS from seem to think im an inconvenience to them!!

Thank you all. It is a surprisingly lovely car. I must confess that I have bought it slightly under duress from my wife as we are relocating to Portugal in 4 weeks time. My previous two cars were Volvo’s, one S90 and the other a V90, but the V90 was petrol and very thirsty, in addition to being £500 road tax as it was over 40k. As I am taking very early retirement, needing to count the pennies and all of that, I have relented and compromised by buying the DS7 with only 900 miles on the clock, as before the Volvo’s I had one of the first proper DS5 in the UK (not the Citroen badged one), the limited edition 1955, and the DS7 is a massive improvement at all levels from the DS5. Of course, Volvo’s and DS’s are very different cars, but to be honest, I’ve found that the build quality of the DS7 is not inferior at all from the Volvo’s, once you spend hours tracking and addressing the ods dash rattle. @J45PER, I work in Grantham and I pass a black DS7 every single day parked in the town centre. That’s not you by any chance?

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Not me, I have a nice Grey one with copper accents and I’m more towards Mansfield/Worksop way, but I also see a black DS7 driving back from Newark/Grantham direction quite often, wonder if it is the same one as they are still so rare around here.

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