Hello from Prague

Hi Everyone.

This looks like the forum I’ve been hoping to find. I got my new DS4 E-tense just before Christmas, after nearly 10 years with my (Citroen) DS5 hybrid. However DS is a tiny brand here, so I’m glad to be able to talk with fellow DS owners in English from around the world. I have several questions, which I will put in the right categories - but overall I love my new car. I just need to understand a few things about it!


Welcome @PragueAddick!

Glad to have you here. Happy to help with your questions :slight_smile:


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Welcome to the forum @PragueAddick.

I got my DS4 e-tense last September. I’m a pensioner and have owned a variety of cars, both new and used, since I was 17. The DS is the easily the best I’ve had. I’ve had buyers regret after a few new car purchases - but not with the DS.

I wish you health to enjoy your car :+1:

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