Hello! Greetings from Moldova!

Hello everyone, my name is Gleb
My first owned car is a DS7 Opera 2018 (Purchased new in 2021).
I am in love with this car and want to upgrade to an Etense 2020-2021 edition.

I’ve had so many questions about my car and hopefully will find the answers in this forum (I will create separate topics for each question)

Also love to see how active and dedicated to this brand some users are.


Hello Gleb, welcome to the forum.

My name is Pete and I live in Ireland. I’m awaiting delivery of a new DS 4 e-tense and I’m glad to hear that you love your car so much that you plan to get another. Your car looks great, what products have you used on the bodywork?

This is quite a new forum so the membership, and collective knowledge, is beginning to grow.

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I purchased by myself the Opera badges, since they are missing by default from the older models, and also added the mud protection or how it is called correctly. Th rest of the bodywork is stock.
Not sure if this is the correct answer for your question, let me know if you meant something else :wink:


The ‘mud protection’ may be a ceramic coating - which is what I was asking about as your car looks great :+1:

Oh, by the mud protection I mean the covers that are installed behind the wheels, to protect the car from the dirt, I was getting a lot, and it was gross when you have the door handles always dirty during the winter times, also it made the car look more sporty, which I like. Anything else maybe is just because of the good camera and the use of Polymer everytime my car is washed.

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Welcome to the forums. Lovely photos! :camera_flash: