Hello! Nick from Greece

Hello everybody ! Happy to join this community! Thanks for the acceptance! I am a satisfied owner of a Citroen DS4 1.6VTI SoChic Shark Grey. I purchased this car brand new at 2014. Now it has done 102000km. The fisrt serious problem occured during the last summer where there was a malfunction of the a/c unit due to thermostat. It was replaced ba a new one to my Citroen’s network garage. The other main problem with this car is its stiff suspension noises and knocks inside the city of Athens and around with very bad roads full of potholes and bumps. On open roads and higways the car is fantastic! Cabin quality is still very nice and ii still runs with the initial shocks from the factory. The car runs on 18" wheels with Kleber UHP fitted a year ago. Here is a photo of my beauty:


Welcome Nick!


Γεια σου Νίκο

It’s nice to read about an owner who has had such good service from his DS

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Although I had some issues with my DS7 (it was quite an early production car) I have to say that it was very special. Special to look at, special to drive and just special to own. It’s such a unique car/brand and there’s nothing else like it.

Good to see how others are finding their DS! :heart:

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