Help needed with bad build quality

Hi don’t know if some one could point me in the right direction had my ds4 rivoli three months now had nothing but hassle with it day of collection got it home only 3 car mats I paid extra for 4 but hey piece of trim that runs along the pillar of windscreen hanging off away from the rubber seal so I called them up straight away wife drove it home I followed so only realised these issues once getting home so after a brief call they said pop it over we will replace the missing mat and repair the trim piece booked in for the following week in the meantime time was having some issues with the head up display and all the other displays flickering whist driving especially at night and central locking not working correctly one night I locked the car by the fob although it should lock its self when I walk away from the car to find the next morning with keys out of any ones reach the car was open so after this the car went into the dealers who said it’s fixed a day later come collect it so headed over there to find the mat was still missing and the trim although refitted they have made a mess of the headliner and the trim it’s self argued about the mat they said they would oook into it and call me any way long story short first slight pothole the trim panel is back off the car electrics are getting worse brake faults pop up etc I’ve had it in there 4 times and they basically said because the faults intermittent I have to persevere with it rang a second dealer explained this to them to have the same reply untill it faults constant I have to put up with it so two days ago the car wouldn’t start called the rac who has found all the earth cables around the engine bay that controll abs unit body control modules ecu fuse board and a few ithers were not bolted up correctly all worryingly loose as he put it they have only put the retaining bits on by hand and not even tried to tighten them some of these were very close to flammable materials fuel lines sound proofing etc so he tightened them up and scanned the car to find lots of faults throughout the cars computer then he turned to me to say if one of the first pieces of the car they have fitted isn’t correctly fitted I wonder what the rear is like I have 3 kids that travel in this car and now I haven’t drove it don’t trust it al all I had a message come up on the dash saying the inside air is hazardous creaking from the front when you turn the ateering and this is a brand new car
So my thoughts are return the car and have done with it dealer basically fobbed me off after 4 attempts to fix the car and the rac finds the wiring ooom is not even bolted in correctly
Any help would be aprechiated I’ll add pictures of the car and what it was doing

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Hello @Will_Fenwick, welcome to the forum.

It’s a shame that it’s such a tale of woe that has brought you here and that must be a dreadful experience instead of the joy that getting a new car should be.

I took delivery of my DS 4 a few weeks ago and I’m glad to say that I haven’t noticed any issues beyond a few blemishes on the paintwork that the dealer fixed before I left the showroom.

I’m not an expert on consumer rights but you may find the website that can be located by clicking the following link of some help. I would certainly be considering a rejection of the car if it were me.

I suppose things may sometimes depend on the dealership involved. If the dealership doesn’t help maybe DS UK Customer Service should be called.

The Consumer Rights Act and new cars | Carbuyer

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