Help newbie please!

Hi guys,

Really no mechanical experience with cars, so looking for laymans terms and advice if poss!

So bought a DS7 crossback 2019 from Evans halshaw in York (first mistake) In Dec 2021.

Had nothing but issues with it from the start (it was deivered with the back lights full of water!) Anyway just lets say its given me nothing but stress for two years.

On 12th of Dec my wife drove it 6 miles to a local supermarket, when she went to drive it off it had an error saying turn steering wheel to align wheels and wouldnt start. We got a local mechanic to check it over and he couldn’t sort. So we had to get it towed to a lical Citroën/ DS dealer (over 160 miles away…we live at the tip of the UK) its taken the dealership over 2 months to diagnose it and today i recieved this email from them…

Good Morning Mr Kevill,

                   As per phone call. After carrying out diagnostic checks on the vehicle, we have found no communication on can network and engine ecu is locked.

We needed to test all wiring between the BSI, Engine ECU and Auto ECU and Abs Ecu.

We have checked the BSI and Gearbox Ecu both are ok. We still need to continuity checks for Engine Management , Harness, Abs ECU AND Engine ECU.

If the vehicle requires a Main Harness, Brake Control Hydraulic Block and Engine Management ECU, the cost of this repair is ÂŁ5040 inc vat.

If you require any further information, please contact me on this email address or phone Alan Milne on 01343 542254.

Im at an absolte loss here, we had to hire a car at our expense for 8 weeks and cant afford to continue. Does it sound reasonable?. Im thinking i could tow it back at a cost of over ÂŁ300 to a local garage that specialises in electrics?

Weve had lots of problems with the entertainment system draining the battery and not working amongst a host of other issues, Evans Halshaw washed its hands super quick, Ive had it with high level complaints at DS, but obvs no warrenty.

So i suppose im asking does it sound familiar? Should i tow it…our local mechanic couldnt get a reading from his comp as some component wasnt firing up…

Any help appreciated if poss and apologies if I havnt included any obvious stuff for you to diagnose?!

Many thanks


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Hi Anthony,

Welcome to the forum - sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve been having! This seems shocking for a 3 year old car…

@Dave do you have any idea?

@Anthony_Kevill have you had any updates since your post?


Thanks Alex, I got it towed to a local garage here that I trust and they will work on it, we think it may be a control module of some sort or a battery management protection module? I think they said…the problem is they cant bypass to fire things up to get a diagnostic.
We can start to get different modules to try but they need programming to the car i believe ? Do you or any of your members maybe know if this can be done remotley or if i could send the modules away to get them programmed to the car?
Its just a bit of a nightmare with commitments with the kids to have our family car out of use for such a long time!!

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Bit of an update, if anybody can help on this. The mechanic thinks it may be a steering lock issue as it wont engage and the fault is a wheel alignment.

Does anybody know if this can be swappedbout and how difficult a job it is (steering lock)