Hi from Marbella, Spain. Question about trip log

Hi there,

being in Spain and having to declare everytrip in order to deduct the car expenses from my income tax, I was thrilled that the DS7 tracked every trip on my app. However, it is very sporatic. Some days yes, then some months not.

Am I doing something wrong? I try to reconnect with the app but there is no special link for it to keep track or not.

Would love some suggestions/help.

Thank you

I’ve noticed the same that it’s a toy and not reliable at all. It tracks occasionally very well but then it doesn’t. I connected the MyDS app to my car the first day I got the car. The odometer shows me 2310km but there is only 1587km distance tracked in MyDS app. I can’t find that there was a feature to edit or add the missing trips which would be handy for you. As well it doesn’t track the path of travel to you, it’s just what are the starting and ending points. Google knows much better where you were, Open Google Maps from your phone, then see Timeline and you can fill the gaps your car missed.

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