Hi,i'm Ryan

Hi,my name is Ryan

I have just bought a 2018 DS7 Prestige in grey and its beautiful.

I’ve had Citroens since 1996 starting with a AX GT,
then i had a Xantia,ZX,C3 (mark 1 new),C4(mark 1 new),C3(mark 2 new),C4(mark 2 new),C4(mark 2 new).

Then i bought a DS5 and that was my best car ever,it was a 2015 2.0 bluehdi 180 pre facelift fully loaded Dsport in pearl white with 19" Cairn wheels.

With a heavy heart i traded it last week for the DS7.

I hope i love it as much as my DS5 and the early signs are good.

Thanks for reading and i hope to contribute as much as i can because im sure a lot of the issues on the DS5 will be common on the DS7.


Heya Ryan welcome! Any photos of your DS5 and 7?

I was going to get a DS5 a few months back, I love the fighter jet roof in them :heart_eyes:

Hi Alex,

Heres a picture of each taken last week on the day i picked up the DS7

I hope ive attatched the photos correctly!


Ah love the cairns alloys in the DS5. I was going to fit some to my DS4 but they had 5 bolts instead of 4 :see_no_evil:

You’ll love the DS7. It’s unlike anything else on the road. Enjoy :pray:

I’m going to do an update to the media screen today.

i put the chassis number in to the ds crossback club website and it said the maps were upto date but the media sytem needed an update.
I downloaded it onto a 32gb FAT32 formatted usb stick and im going to try it this afternoon.

i noticed on the ds7 facebook group that you have done this recently,how long does the update take?
Also i have just put the SWL file onto the usb sick on its own,is this correct?

the udate is :- []

Thanks in advance.

Yes that’s right. It takes probably 30 mins for the software only. :+1:

Thanks for the reply Alex,

I put the usb stick into the slot but it just say no media on the stick

im going to re format the stick and retry