How ds7 is 300hp not 400hp?

Hi everyone.
If the ds7 4x4 e-tense has 3 motors.
2 electric motors each one of them outputs 100hp
and 1 combustion engine that outputs 200hp
Does not that make it 400hp?

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Hey @Anasdweik!

The powertrain combines a 200hp (147kW) petrol engine and is accompanied by two 109hp (80kW) electric engines and the new eight-speed automatic gearbox. These offer a combined maximum deployment power of 300hp with torque of 450Nm, and drive to all four wheels.

The maximum deployment is 300hp, it is limited :blush:

At maximum RPM with the engine, the electric motor will not be able to keep up and supply all its power.

Actually Opera version has 360 hp, my Rivoli has 300 hp. The question : is it possible coding to upgrade from 300 to 360? Should be only a software limit.