How many USB ports are there in the front cabin?

I was wondering, how many USB ports are there in the front seat cabin of the DS7? I was able to find only one in the compartment below the display (where the wireless charger is located). If there’s only one in the front, can I use a USB hub so I can plug in multiple devices? If so, is there a specific one that I need? I have an Android AI Box so that takes up the port and would like to have the opportunity to be able to plug in more devices, without having to disconnect the Box.

Thanks in advance.

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So there should be one under the display, and one or two behind the arm rest/rear vents for rear passengers.

The only USB hooked up to the infotainment is the one under the display. This means that your android box has to be plugged in there if you are using it for Android Auto/Mirrorlink.

Any sort of hub will unfortunately restrict the access to Android Auto/Mirrorlink.

You could always use the 12V Accessory socket to the left of the USB for additional power if you need it.

Understood. Thank you once again. Sorry for spamming the forum today. Some info is available in the handbook, but the information about the hub restricting access to Android Auto/MirrorLink for example is not available. You saved me some $$$ :slight_smile: Thank you!

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No, thank you! That is what the forum is for :blush:

But, it’s possible to add one more usb if u want)

Hey @Vik, can you provide a bit more details, please?

I have long instruction how to do it, u need to disassemble multimedia. If u want I can send it to you in pm. Or me I’ll write this information here, if it will be possible to add photos

I see. Thanks, but nah, I’m not interested in disassembling the multimedia. I’ll just use the 12V charger adapter as an alternative.

Thanks anyways.

I’ll add information, mb somebody in future will do it)
Sorry if it have not good translation)

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So, and u need to buy additional wire from PSA like this.
30 min of work) but u need to place him somewhere. For example in glovebox.

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