How to Dissassemble the centerconsole?


I have a 2020 DS7 Crossback E-Tense 4x4 300.
I am starting a project where i will cover the Rivoli plastic centerconsole bits around the gearknob with charcaol colored alacantra leather my self to get the same furry look as the performance lines have. Any advice on tearing the centerconsole apart gently?

Any help would be very welcome since im quite new to the DS and would hate have to go in blind and break anything in the process!

It’s very simple to change the middle console bit around the gearbox it’s all held by clips first you need to gently lift up the plastic with will come up easily I also. Changed everything in my ds7 mine was all base model I changed to performance line interior parts like the dashboard plastics and others bits with alcantara