Infotainment system ds7

Please help!! 2020 DS7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE
Been out for a ride dropped some friends to a party used the infotainment system for climate, radio etc and android auto for sat nav and as ever no problems
Got back in car and NOTHING!! Completely blank and won’t respind to anything.
I’ve switched off, locked fully charged and still nothing.
Any quick fix before i go back to DS please?

Just a thought - have you checked the fuse(code F29 20A for media).

That’s my task for this afternoon, will let you know thanx

Also, try holding the phone or media button until the screen restarts.

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Had the same, left car for 15 minutes (to phone dealer) got back in and it worked fine. Scanned by the dealer and no fault found, car has and had at the time latest version of infotainment software.

Hi ! same problem here. Whats solution ? thanks

Unplug the positive on the batter, leave it for 10 seconds and plug again. That work’s for me

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I tried to reach the fuse box under the steering wheel, but it is placed really deep and at the back, almost impossible to reach with the cables in front of it.

Any tips to be able to reach the fuses, to change them ?

Hi, how was this problem solved ?

My infotainment screen also went off , i took it to the official service, they said the telematica unit behind the screen needs to be changed. costing around 1K

I was hoping that the problem could be from the fuses , since the error message on the screen was overvoltage initially