International support

Hello,im looking for DS headquarters contact details for applying an issue related to technical failure im facing with my DS4 ,which couldn’t be solved so far.
So i want to get thier official support
Any contact or lead can help
I couldn’t find it in the web site

Well that information should be provided by You local dealership and then, If dealership fails, there should be DS representative company in Your county.
I don’t think there is any “higher” authority that would like to talk to You.

I’m with @AvatarPL on this one.
You must go through the dealership, or at least have really good documentation that shows that they refuse to help you with the issues. Then maybe, just maybe you can take it to the importer in you country.

What kind of issues have you faced and what has the dealership done so far?

Thank for the reply,but i dont want ,at this stage at least to specify here, but i need to make sure my case was handle by Ds europe as my country claim they raise .
Again im trying to reach someone from thier headquarters who could assist me in escalation process,before entering again to the technical place,after several visits

Hi @Ronenelb, This is an unofficial forum, so you shouldn’t be worried about sharing information about your troubles here, as we may be able to help you, or provide documentation/information for the dealership to follow! :slight_smile:

hi thank you Alex, in general I’m facing an electric failure with the air condition system, after long
charging ,the air condition is getting crazy and instead of cold ,sending warm air
it’s happened several times and I’ve visit the service center 4 times
they do trying to support me ,but it’s taking too long ,that the reason i thought of escalating it to DS headquarter. i saw in this forum that there was another person who raise same issue on the DS7

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Has the service center re-gassed the airconditioning system? It may be that you are losing refrigerant through a faulty hose or break in the system. They should be able to put a colour dye in with the refrigerant to detect whether or not there is a leak in the system.