Internet connection of the car

Alright, so I understand that the app isn’t quite the best car app in the world, so perhaps this is just one of those permanent bugs DS style.
But I wanna talk about the internet connection of the car.
I use it mainly to remote start the climate control (there isn’t really much else to do with it remotely tbh).

In the MyDS app there is a text stating that you need to use the car at least 15 minutes straight during a 7 day period. Otherwise the internet connection will be deactivated until next time you drive for at least 15 minutes.

First of all - what a complete load of bo-locks!
That’s gotta be the most idiotic thing ever.
I have 10 km to work and it takes around 14 (!) minutes to drive, so I’m disqualified from having the remote features?
Secondly, I have clear evidence in the Trips section of the app that I had a 23 min trip the 19th of januari, and today it’s the 24th. That’s only 5 days. So according to that rule, the internet connection should definitely still be active.
But it isn’t.
This morning the remote climate didn’t work. “Couldn’t connect” was the result. Tried three times with a reboot of the app in between.
And this isn’t the first time this “rule” doesn’t work as stated.

So, this just a permanent bug or do you guys know of any changes in the rule or anything else I could have use of knowing?

I can only assume this is to ensure the 12V battery remains charged enough to keep the connection between PSA servers and the vehicle alive.

But that still doesn’t explain why you can’t connect after a 24min trip!

Where is the car parked, is it in a garage? Maybe it has a low data signal.

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Yes, I don’t disagree with the reason, but the rule is way to strict. Would easily be enough to deactivate after, say 14 days without using the car at all.
Yesterday, on the way home from work and despite it was raining, I went through a car wash just to ensure I had a “long” trip home. :joy:
Absolutely ridiculous.

My last car was a Mercedes coupe and I’m not aware of any such rules for its connection. Only times I had issues remoting to the Merc was when it was parked in a bad spot, as you mention.
My DS, when at home, is parked above ground in my dedicated parking space in the communal yard outside my condo. Shouldn’t be a problem.
Sounds like I’m the only one suffering from this strict rule, or more likely, just a buggy system.

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