Iphone App settings

I have the MyDS app on my iPhone and when I try to uncheck notifications under Settings in the app, it reverts back to checked right away.
For instance, there’s really no need for the app to notify me about new trips every time I shut down the engine. I kind of already know I just made a new trip.
But I just can’t uncheck it.
I’ve tried doing it in the car when the app is connected but it still doesn’t work.
Is there something I don’t understand that I need to do or is it just bugged?

Same happens on my iPhone. As you might have seen here spread around the forum the MyDS app is awarded with ‘the worst app in the world’, this is yet another confirmation :grin:
I came to the conclusion that the MyDS app doesn’t provide any really useful notifications anyway, so I turned the notifications off for the app altogether (in the iPhone settings app > Notifications). That’ll shut him up :wink:

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I hear you, bro, and I can’t argue. Don’t think I’ve ever had a worse car app before… :sweat_smile:
And you’re right about the notifications as well, I should just turn them off all together.
I was expecting more from a “luxury car” though.


I reckon the App was designed by the same guy that did the Titanic, great idea crap In reality