Issue with door lighting changing colour on its own

I had a problem where the polyambient lighting on my doors was changing colours 24 hours after I had set it. Some research proved it to be a widespread issue with DS 7s produced before 12/10/2018.

There’s a technical service bulletin (TSB) notice out which means you can get it repaired free of charge at a main dealer.

The repair involves a software update to the BSI and fitting of a new Lighting ECU calculator.

TSB Notice from DS: D6AW01ATQ0.pdf (46.2 KB)

For me just a software update I did myself fixed it, no need to change anything.


Hello Marko,
I have the same problem with the polyambient doors lighting. Can you please explain how did you solve the problem? Thanks

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Hello Martinš,
you have to go to the dealer to update the software of the BSI unit. I think they have to update all the rest of the 13 pieces of software in the car during this process.


Hi Alex

I’m a newbie and have just recently purchased a used Crossback. The car runs fine except that it has this issue.
Unfortunately, the manufacturers warranty has long since gone and I will have to pay for this repair/update myself.

My question is, do you have any idea how much this would cost over and above the ‘hours investigation charge’ that they have quoted ( even though we know what causes the problem ) and is it worth it to get the repair/update done.



Hi @Paddybhoy

Is hour car still under warranty? If so, them they should fix it free of charge.

If not, then it should be no more than an hour’s labour. Since it’s a known fault, they should still be providing the part for free, or at least at a discounted rate.


Hi Alex

Thanks for getting back to me on this.

The car is out of warranty ( previous owner didn’t check on the fault ) so it;s up to me

I’ve been told that the part is £286.00 ( which I had to pay for ) and that the fitting will take around 45mins.

They will do the resetting at the same time ( charging me for the hours labour ) so the total outlay is £452.98

All this for a wee light colour modification . But if you buy an expensive car…you pay for expensive fixes lol.



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That’s crazy! Where did you buy it from? If it was used from a dealer then they should be doing it FOC as they shuld check for faults when they take it in.

Arnold Clark. Apparently its not classed as a fault… its just an upgrade

It’s definitely a fault. There’s a technical service bulletin about it.

In fact, the TSB does not show any parts required, just a BSI update. Maybe take this PDF in to them and see what they say.

1SX8-D6AW01ATQ0-The ambient lighting of the door panels changes colour after unlocking the vehicle, or switches off by itself.pdf (267.4 KB)

Thanks Alex.

Ill take it to them and see what they say. Bet your bottom dollar its a its out of warranty reply that i get. So will i get a refund for the Lighting Ecu Calculator that i have already bought??

I’ve had a reply. Basically the BSI requires updating, and because if this the headlamp adjustment unit may also need updating otherwise it can stop working.

The ambience ECU also needs replacing, which is what you have purchased.

DS 7 CROSSBACK (X74) - D4EA0AEEP0 - 4 - 02_09_2022 - Description - operation Ambience lighting ECU.pdf (245.0 KB)

Thanks Alex, muxh appreciated. But i guess im gonna be out if pocket no matter what. Ah well

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