"Kerb rash" on my DS4 Rivoli e-tense

Grr. Oh well, no-on to blame but myself, even if it wasn’t a typical parking-related mistake.

So my question is, before I discuss this with my dealer, how to cost-effectively repair the damage. To my amateur eye, it looks like the exterior wheel trim is removable form the main part of the wheel, and so probably the only realistic fix is to replace that exterior trim.

Is that correct, do you think? Thanks in advance!

I’m also interested in this (experienced it myself as well unfortunately during the very first days of ownership, guess I couldn’t estimate the width of the car just yet), but I think I would first try to find a standalone rim repair business before reaching out to the official dealer. Those guys should be experienced with these things and might save some money compared to a full replacement.

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I took mine in for change to winter tyres (wheels too) at my DS dealer and the guy told me that they would simply replace the exterior wheel trim. Sounds easy, right? But each one is €350 ! I wonder whether we have a rim repair specialist locally- not heard of one yet…