Keyless entry - automatic door locking

I just received my car this week, and while I’m happy with many things, based on experience with cars from other carmakers I have expected that the car automatically locks all doors once the key holder moves away from the car.
With the DS7 this does not happen, car stays unlocked eve if key is on safe distance, which is weird to me. Allowing the car to be unlocked the whole time if the owner forgets !?

In connection to that I also see that the nice LED lights can be used to lighten up the walkway to the home, only if I leave the car unlocked and lock the car with the key from distance, which all carmakers suggest not to do, because of radio key lockers.

Please, has anyone a suggestion if this feature is just hidden somewhere in the Settings or simply does not exist on the DS7 ?

Thank you

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Another newbie here, got my 2020 DS 7 two weeks ago and been studying the manual closely.
According to the manual, I believe that feature doesn’t exist on the DS7. At least not in my year model.
You press on the handle in order to lock it (assuming the key is on your person and close to the door).
You can press on the handle on any door btw.
You can also make the car lock all the doors when you close the tailgate with the “kick move” of you have activated that feature with the button situated under the tailgate door.

This feature is not present with any DS cars.