Last system update broken?

Got my 2020 DS7 (Rivoli E-Tense) just a few weeks ago and after just a few days the MyDS app said there is a system update, so I got the “DS Update” application for windows and created a USB stick with the update on.
I made the update in the car and after that the iPhone app can’t connect and retrieve data from the car anymore.
I also can’t start the climate heating remotely.
Only time the app can connect is when the car is charging at a charging station. All other times it can’t retrieve any data.
The Bluetooth connection seems to work fine because I can stream music etc., but even in the car with an active BT connection the app can’t get the correct data.
In my opinion that particular update was broken.
Anyone else having trouble with this latest update?

Next related issue:
In this update there was also a map update, but when I’ve made a new USB stick with the map update the car says “Version not compatible with hardware”.
Why does the app say there’s a map update when the car obviously isn’t compatible?

Hey @DSJay , did you ever get this fixed?

What version of software are you running currently? I can send you the update and map files if there is one available.


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Yeah, I got it sorted a few days ago actually.
It wasn’t the update in itself that was broken.
It’s the (exceptionally stupid) rule that says that you need to drive the car for at least 15 min every 7 days in order to keep the internet connection running that caused the issue.
And that rule is not even correctly defined, and therefore I never thought that was the problem.
I have evidence in the drivers journal (in the app) that I’ve never gone more than 4-5 days before I have a drive that lasts for at least 16 minutes, and yet the car shut the internet connection down anyway.
That’s what caused the car not being able to read the memory stick (it needs to be online to verify the version), and the error messages is so bad so you never understand what the real issue is. That’s also the reason why I couldn’t remote start the climate system.
Now I make sure I take a detour on my way to work once a week. That’s how stupid this rule is.
And I have yet to figure out what the real definition of the rule should be.

Sorry for the rant. And thanks for the follow-up! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haha no worries. Glad you got it sorted!

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