Location of the cabin - interior air filter

does anyone know where cabin air filter is placed in new DS4 (2021 and later) and how to change it?
This information is not available in the car manual (crazy).
I’ve looked behind the dash from passanger side but I haven’t seen it there like it’s placed in VW cars.
Manual only describes air filter but it’s filter for the engine (I thinkg) accesible from engine bay.

If not under/behind the glovebox, could it be located right beneath the windscreen in the engine bay left side (standing in front of the car)?
3008 has the filter tucked far up behind the glovebox, barely visible from underneath before some dismantling.
Old DS4 is accessible from engine bay plastic cover beneath windscreen.

I have watched some videos and it seems that newer stellantis cars have it very often in central part of the dash, near the footwell to the left of the glovebox.
I will have to check that out.
I am planning to install amplifier there since there is a lot of room for it behind the glovebox but I dont want to obstruct access to this filter.

Thanks to the kindness of other forum at this stage I have below information however I haven’t checked it.

It accessible from the engine bay:


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As it turned out in practice - checking it by myself.
The Cabin filter is accessible from footwell of the passanger side here if You take the cover under the glovebox.

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In my astra sports tourer (2023), there is plenty of room behind the glove compartment (left hand drive, passenger side) and also there seems to be a bracket which could possibly house an amp or other device. There also is a screw, used for mounting the bracket, which is directly in contact with the frame/chassis. This could be used for negative lead. I used these to house and wire my high level converter. I have installed the amp in the back, behind the backseats, in the compartment next to the pump used for a flat tire. The subwoofer is in the space where a spare wheel would have been. Works perfectly for me