My Dream DS

Unfortunately I don’t have a DS at the moment, however looking to the future I have a very specific DS in mind.

I would choose the DS 4 CROSS in Velvet Red. The rugged skirts and roof bars do it for me, and the dark red is a colour which I’ve grown to lvoe with my old DS 7 CROSSBACK.

I also really like the double black line on the CROSS, where the roof bars meet with the sloping window line. It makes the rear end look more like an SUV than a hatch.

Inside I’d be choosing the Criollo brown. I’m not a fan of black or grey interiors. White would be my favorite choice however with the CROSS I think Criollo brown looks great.Also, the watchstrap design is my favourite.

I do prefer the 19" Lima wheels to the 20" Sydney. I think the diamond cutting on the Lima stands out more, the Sydney look a little too filled for my liking.

In terms of tech, I’d like everything. The night vision, RCTA, 360 cameras, DS Drive Assist. The more tech, the better!

What would your Dream DS be?

I’m still waiting delivery of my dream car, also the DS 4 Cross. My car was due this month but it’s starting to look like September, or beyond! :slightly_frowning_face:

I saw a display 4 in the red and it did look good.

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