My modding journey


I’ve been looking around a little while now and think I’ve finally assembled a little list of things I’d like to do to my car!

List of repairs:

1 Replace xenon headlight leveling sensor

2 Hide small scrape on front bumper

3 Fix mysterious warning light

4 Exhaust mount

5 Probably more things that pop up on the way

1, Anyone know what the sensor should be? I can’t find any for citroens only mini and bmw?

2, The scrape had been done prior to my ownership and I don’t really feel like paying loads to get it repainted so I’m going to try something.

I’m the first image you can see the scrape on the bottom left of the bumper just under the lip, I was thinking of making it all gloss black below that lip line to hide it? Not 100% on how it’ll look but I intend to add a gevalto splitter eventually anyway.

List of mods:

1 Install Tow bar :white_check_mark:

2 Intake

3 Short shifter

4 Exhaust

5 gfb diverter and remap

6 Front splitter

7 Possibly try and customise the rear valence? I don’t like the fake exhaust being fake

8 Maybe lower it?

First off on that list is fit a detachable tow bar that’s all done now! I will add some pictures of that later! Possibly tomorrow or Wednesday when I give it a clean.

Sadly while doing the tow bar I learned my rear exhaust bracket wasnt really holding on anymore, it’s on the exhaust but not the car! Mounts cracked of around the nuts, so a new one of those has been ordered.

3, Can anyone confirm that the thp200 has the mc6 gearbox? Same as Rcz and 207gti, I have the 6 gears so I believe it’s the right one.

8, Not sure about lowering it it already looks very low to me and even the 25mm kit offered by eibach looks like it’d be scraping the floor? When I put the proper ratio tyres on it once these are done they’ll fill the arches more anyway.

Anyone know if citroen might honour there 12 year rust warranty? The paint on my bonnet is a little bubbly and one doors done the same at the bottom.

Quite a long post I know! I did it to share my journey with you all and also to help keep track of my own thoughts and plans!

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Hey @Hiccup did you get any further with your mods?

Hi @alex
Probably not even a month after posting my hpfp went which was a nice £900 gone so it all got put on hold a while. The headlight sensor is still an on going pita due to the previous garage prior to my owning messing the bracket up and all sorts.

I did discover the car actually already has eibach lowering springs on it! So that made that easy.

The tow bar so I had to attack that with an angle grinder under tow trust supervision to make it fit, according to them I’m the second person on record to fit a tow bar to a thp200 so they never implemented the changes brought up. Told me where to cut sent me strengthening brackets and when I was doubtful happily showed me their cad and testing and reassured me. Wonderful team would absolutely use them again!

As for exhaust intake and intercooler. I’ve actually currently buying some bits of a friend that I should hopefully collect sometime this month and then I just need to get around to fitting them.

Gdb diverter valve is on the car now.

More repairs! So, the mot high lighted that the front wishbone was done, the rear shocks are done and the drop links needed changing. So that will be my weekend project as soon as this rain stops!

I did manage after a lot of hard work to make my gauge cluster mostly purple! As a second functional version I’m happy with the current success but bits are in order for attempt 3

I did unfortunately upset the contacts on the farthest right screen so sometimes it doesn’t show the full mileage, not the end if the world but just another thing I need to fix.

Also forgot to mention in the prior post thw waste gate now sticks as well so when all the front comes off for the downpipe and intercooler I’ll take that off and give that a good clean up too. Sorry I forgot to add any updates! Totally slipped my mind

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Ahh sounds like you’ve been busy then! Sorry to hear about your issues :frowning: