MyDS App

Hi guys,

As of Tuesday MyDS app stopt working suddenly. I cannot see it charging anymore, nor does it synchronizes any other data. I reinstalled the app but no luck.
Have you experienced any similar issues and managed to resolved these?

That has happened to me too, I think 3 times. First I did the same as you that I reinstalled the app and connected it again. There was some delay but then it started to work after some time. Now the next times the when stopped to connect and then it started to connect. I think I just went to car and opened the MyDS app there while power was on and it started to work remote too. It’s not too reliable at all, the remote commands are making timeouts quite frequently and they work with second try. It’s the same with journey logs, I’m missing about 10% of the journeys made with the car.

Did you make sure you have at least one trip lasting 15+ minutes during the last 7 days?
It’s a stupid rule, but it disconnects if you drive “too little”.
Other than that, the app and its infrastructure are amateurish at best. I think they must’ve had unpaid interns that made it.

I’ve noticed that after APP update on smartphone it works OK for 3-4 days, then it doesn’t give a $^%# about anything :slight_smile: