New ds 4

Anyone in the uk now a date when they can have a test drive

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I’ve been told last week of April or first week of May for my test drive.

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It’s going to be mid-late April I believe, or just come along to our event on 24th March and you can drive one :slight_smile:


Hi Alex, :wave:

Did you get a test drive in the new DS 4 at the Oxford event? If so, what are your thoughts?

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I was hoping to here from someone that had a test drive and to see some pics

Unfortunately the event was cancelled :disappointed: I’ll be driving one soon though so I’ll let you know!

I’ve just been able to book a one to one presentation and test drive of the new DS4 for Sat 23/4.

The presentation and test drive are both within a 45min timeslot so it won’t be a long test!

I was able to book this from the main DS Autos site, where they’re calling it the DS Exclusive Experience. Both the DS4 and DS9 are available.

Excited - qui,moi!! :star_struck:

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Let us know how you find it!!!

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You bet. :+1:

I had my test drive today and confirmed my order. Unfortunately the main DS computers were closed for the week-end so I won’t get my delivery date until next week. The provisional order went in on the 7th March so I hope the wait will be short as I loved the car!

I got the test drive in a base trim CROSS Trocadero • E-TENSE. The car was in my chosen colour so I got to see how my car will look, and I was impressed. I have ordered the Rivoli with almost all the options so I didn’t get to try all the toys I will have. However, I was able to see enough and felt that things like driving mode selection will be just fine once I get a few miles done in my own car. Unfortunately the traction battery wasn’t charged so I just got to experience hybrid mode.

I currently drive a Lexus UX so that’s what I can compare with the DS4.

Lexus have a reputation for quiet luxury and I have to say that the DS equals the quality and is more quiet. The radio sound from the standard audio system was very pleasing to me and the volume control on the steering wheel was better positioned than on the Lexus.

The drive was smooth and refined, even when joining a motorway at speed. Driving in an industrial estate with a lot of speed bumps revealed a car that was quieter and smoother than the Lexus over the bumps. Over small, sharp bumps there was a ‘clattering sound’ but that wasn’t felt in the cabin.

In a carpark the car manoeuvred very easily and the reversing camera had better resolution and more accurate guide lines than the Lexus. In a lorry park that had a few potholes the car remained smooth. The turning circle was excellent in a carpark and on a mini roundabout, where I did a U-turn with ease. The motorway was busy so I only got one opportunity to try a sharp overtake and I have to say that the torque was good enough to handle that with ease.

The ticking of the indicators and the warning beeps were a pleasant, quality, sound.

The day was sunny and I did notice quite a bit of reflection from the top of the dash. However, the HUD produced a great clear spot so the reflections weren’t noticed while driving, unlike the Lexus. The details in the HUD were positioned very well indeed. Vision seemed very good all round.

I was able to get a good driving position and the the interior design gives a feeling of ‘wrap round’ security.

I always thought the Lexus was a great car, but as I drove home in my Lexus I was wishing I was in the DS 4! The car was pure quality and looked great.

What more can I say - no regrets and I’m as excited as a 6 year old on Christmas Eve as I await my new car. :star_struck:

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I had my test drive on Monday was very impressed with it I’ve ordered the rivoli to , with electric seat pack , black roof , heated steering wheel and the electric boot pack mine should be here in may cant wait

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I saw your report on the FB group and I wrote a reply but some glitch occurred and it didn’t post.

I ordered all options other than the Night Vision as I wanted all the toys that the Lexus has. DS couldn’t fit the wireless charging as the semi conductors for that option are imported from Ukraine and so aren’t available.

Despite the many favourable reviews that I’ve seen I still didn’t expect the car to be as good as it is.

One word of warning is about media system updates. The DS 4 is already being delivered in Italy and I’ve noticed a few comments about the first updates crashing the screen so it may be wise to ensure that all system updates are sorted before accepting delivery from the dealerships.

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I’ve just watched a Dutch walk around review of the DS4 wherein there were some interesting insights into the design of the car. The video has English subtitles. If anyone is interested in having a look just click the following

I hope that the author doesn’t mind me pinching his comment from the Italian owners FB page, but I thought that some people here may be interested in comments from an owner who has had his car for a month. Other commenters mentioned the screen reflections, as did I in a previous post. The copied post was:-

Christian Piccinini is feeling happy.

1 1 M a y a t 1 3 : 0 4 ·

180 hp chipper

First impressions after about 1 month of driving:

Excellent interior finishes (in German I would say)

Infotainment system still with some bags (especially when connected to Apple CarPlay).

IRIS often “sleeps” or doesn’t understand a shoot “

Brilliant engine and at the same time not thirsty (in the city 13 km/l)


Reflections of the various plastics from the upper part of the dashboard on the windshield in certain light conditions (personally they give me a lot to do)

Start/stop too “sensitive” the car turns off even if you stop for a moment to give precedence (at least mine)

The second gear is a bit violent in the entry at low speeds.

That being said, this is a spectacular car 😉

Hello to all of you


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I see you have now got your new car Matty. :grinning:

I hope you are enjoying your new wheels. What about a review for us now you have a few miles done. :ok_hand:

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