New member hello!

I’ve had my 2013 ds4 thp200 for probably just coming up to 8 months now? Really loving the car when it works!
Currently it’s having a high pressure fuel pump fitted this coming week so only a “small” bill there!

This is my car! We call them hiccup because the license plate isn’t far off and they had a misfire so it seemed fitting!
Today I fitted a front and rear dash camera which I’ll add finished pictures of later and I changed the front drls from yellow to white so it matches the hockey sticks.

Looks better than yellow and white imo!

On the list of things I plan to do as and when time and money allows in list of priority-ish
Purple lights in foot wells, already did it once but the LEDs burned out really fast? So going for a different approach
Towbar and electrics
Dechrome around the windows
Upgrade Speakers and add a subwoofer
Attempt to change the colour if the gauge cluster back light LEDs to purple from blue. Not seen anyone do this so I don’t know how it’ll go.
Paint brake calipers either red or white
Lower 25-30mm
Either buy new wheels or get these ones recoloured
(Thinking wolf race assassin’s in black and silver or getting mine redone back to black and silver)
Cold air intake or maybe just remove the intake quietener
Uprated gfb diverter valve
Uprated intercooler
Oil catch can

Never really modified a car before so this will be a lot of fun and learning!

Thank you for reading my little post and thank you for having me!

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Welcome! I look forward to seeing your modifications - keep us posted :slight_smile:

Hi Alex
Welcome to Any questions please feel free to reach out. You can get answers to any questions you have.

Thanks! It’s my forum, haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: