Oil cap a yellowish foam

Hello, today I checked the coolant level in the car, I saw last weeks when I filled the windshield fluid that the level was low, after I filled it with distilled water, I opened the oil cap and I had a surprise, it’s not black, it has a yellowish foam, even the dipstick contains it foams. Is it normal at 8100 km?

That looks like oil mixed with water… Unfortunately it shouldn’t be looking like that at all.
The coolant will destroy the oil, bad oil will destroy the motor. I recommend to book it into a garage immediately to avoid damage to the engine.
But at 8100km only? That kind of thing shouldn’t happen to such a new motor…

It may also happen (but maybe not so excesive) if You drive only very shot trips - up to 5-10km.
You have to remember that OIL gets to its working temperature MUCH later than engine coolant.
In DS4 for example You may turn on coolant temperature on the instrumenet cluster but there is no way to see engine Oil temperature.
Clean this up and take a look how quickly it will appear again and alo consider trips that You are making.
Of course it may be also broken seal between oil and coolant canals in engine block but then if coolant was excesively burnt in the engine You would get a lot of white smoke from the rear pipe.

hi,this is the cap oil and dipstick after driwing

50km in sport mode

well it looks better in my opinion