Orderd new ds4 toceredeo

Orderd new black crossover tocredeo hdi diesal 30 October 2020 .in uk
Anyone one no off build times

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Hello @mike_harry and welcome to the forum.

I ordered a DS4 Cross Rivoli e-tense with a few options in March and it was released from the factory in September. I don’t have any more recent info.

FWIW, I think the car is fantastic. Enjoy yours when it arrives :slightly_smiling_face:

Ordered a performance line + etense back end of July … not even got a build date yet !

I think DS are a bit disingenuous as the web-site shows a lead time of 4-5 weeks for new orders, mine took 6mths! Having said that some makes have lead times of a year or more - crazy stuff.

FWIW, my dealership didn’t get any info on the car until it had left the factory so fingers crossed for yours.

To be honest the dealer didn’t make any promises . They were hoping for November delivery but as we ordered quite a high spec car with extras they didnt seem too confident in that . We were hoping for December , but looks like will be next year now …Yeah our dealer said they have had customer cars that turn up out of the blue , literally rolling off the back of the transporter that nobody was expecting !.. Friend of a friend been waiting 15mths for a volkswagen now .


@kizzyp and @mike_harry do you have them yet?

About to pick up new ds4 trocedo cross diesal on Saturday morning.was orerd fro. Dealership in Durham. Was orderd end off October 2022.

Amazing! Love to see photos of it when you have it.