P1383 and P16AB DS5 2.0 Bluehdi 180

Faultcode P1383 and P16AB?

the day before, I replaced the battery, I was driving, there was no error, and then suddenly it turned on. diagnostics say that there is something with the auxiliary drive belt, has anyone had experience?

Hi @Draganmih

My advice would be to stop driving the car and get it into a garage unless you are used to working in cars.

P1383 and P16AB indicate that the ECU thinks the ancillary alternator belt is about to snap. There are no sensors, it’s just based on the last time it was reset in the ECU.

The likelihood is that you are due a new belt, or last time the belt was changed the counter was not reset in the ECU.

The belt was changed 40,000 km ago, but now we saw that one spanner has a little play. I will change everything again, the only question is who can reset the ecu, through which diagnostics - since the one we have can’t? thanks for your reply

I am not too sure, though DiagBox can definitely reset the counter in the ECU. It may be worth seeing if any local garages, or even a local dealer can do it for you? Should only take a few minutes.

Connect the diagnostic tool.

Reset the wear counter; Via the Replacement Parts menu “Replacement of the accessories drive belt”.

Okay, thank you so much. I will write you what I did when I fix it.

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the problem was solved, the set of belts was changed, the error was cleared only when I first reported the replacement of the battery, it seems that there was also a problem from the start. thank you

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Good news!