Polyambiant lighting

Hi all, new owner of a 2021 DS7 Ultra Prestige E- Tense, hoping for some help, i was under the impression this spec would have the Polyambiant lighting as standard, i have the gloss block door handles so thought it had the polyambiant lighting however when checking the infotainment and turning on they do bot come on, also not colour change option appears. If it doesnt have it isbanyone aware if it can be retrofitted and how difficult this is, hoping it would just be plug and play?

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Hi @Benjamin_Johnson

For part of 2021, polyambient lighting was an option for all Models of DS7 CROSSBACK.

It can certainly be retrofitted, and our resident @Dave is best to ask about that! He is also on Facebook as Magpie Autos.


Thanks Alex, i have sent Dave a message

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