Preconditioning help?

Hi, picked up my DS7 La Premiere E-Tense 360 and wondered how to set the preconditioning for the battery? I have set up the My DS app and connected it, but all I can find is Air Conditioning and setting up the cabin temperature.
Please can anyone explain how to set up the battery preconditioning?
Thank you very much in advance!

No expert here, but are you sure the preconditioning isn’t just a word used for the climate control?

The remote pre-conditioning feature allows you to warm or cool the vehicle to an optimal temperature before starting your journey.


Download app, you can set time for precondicioning (also avaliable at car screen) por start heating at any momento.
In my case, It is programmed at 6:15 in the morning so when I get off work, all Cars in the parking lote are cold but mine, It is at 21 degrees, quite confortable, no ice on windscreen…
Temperature is not adjustable, is always 21, hot in winter, cold in summer

Like you I thought preconditioning was a battery thing but I soon found out it’s actually pre conditioning the cabin to whatever temperature you set at a time of your choosing. I only use it on a Monday but only because my wife/manager/Boss found out you can do it and uses the car every Monday.