RandY's Citroën DS4 thp 200 Sport Chic

This my 2011 Citroën DS4 thp 200 sport Chic

Rest of the pictures come later…

Well equipped with:

Black and white leather seats
Massage seats
Denon sat nav audio system with subwoofer

Had done some upgrades / repairs

New turbo
Go fast bits DV+
Oil catch can
Replaced cylinder head cover (pcv valve broken)
New leather gear knob

Coming plans:

Place the H&R -40mm lowering springs with Koni FSD shocks.

Future plans
ECU remap to 235hp and 380nm
Repaint the leather seats
Get some nice black 18inch Brisbane wheels


Lovely!! The Denon sound system is brilliant.

Look forward to seeing how the lowering goes, many people complain that it doesn’t look lower, so will be interesting how yours turns out :raised_hands:

more pictures of the car:
detachable towbar.

black and white interior

OIl catch can modification:

TO do: place the new koni shock an d H&R springs.

The car looks sweet and it will be interesting to get your comments when you have the remap done.

I love the B & W interior.

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Been quite busy last weekend.

My brother helped me with the replacemet of the leaky thermotathousing.

We also found a small oil leak. So we replaced the gasket of the oil cooler

While my brother was busy with the engine. I started with the repacement of the springs, shocks and front top top mounts.

With this as result: :sunglasses: -40mm

The ride is much better now. Little bit stiffer, but more comfortable. Also the car dosn’t roll in fast corners.

So now i have a great suspesion setup, no coolant leaks and no oil leak. Time to enjoy the car


Awesome job and thanks for documenting it! Lost of people wanting to lower their DS 4 with very little available online :slight_smile:

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