Rear sequential indicator not working

Hello! Rear passenger side sequential indicator has stopped working. All other lights in the rear panel are working. Problem may have been caused by the water inside the panel. After removing the water by drilling a small hole the issue is still there. Not sure if the fuse is to blame as all other lights controlled by the same fuse (f32?) work. Could it be a connection or corrosion issue? If so how do I fix or reset just the indicator? Thank you very much any suggestion really appreciated

Hi @GGDolph,

Water ingress may have corroded the connections and damaged circuitry inside the LED unit, so it’s possible you need a new light fixture now. There is a known issue with water ingress on the rear lights. It might be worth you contacting your local DS dealership and seeing if they will fix it under warranty, or if your vehicle is out of warranty, they may offer to pay for all/some of the costs to repair.

The repair to look at is Repair 2 on this document. It involves replacing seal washers for the rear lights:
1SX8-D6AW01DKQ0-Presence of misting or water droplets, or water ingress into the headlamps and_or the rear lamps.pdf (1.2 MB)

Any questions, let me know. I’ve been through the same ordeal twice.