Resetting wifi password

Hi All,

My DS4 has disconneted from its wifi it has asked me to input the password but its been a couple of years since i set this up and i cannot remember the password, I cannot see any way to reset the password, I have tried to do a factory reset but this doesnt do anything. As it stands my car cannot connet to the inbuilt wifi

I think you have understood something wrong because your car does not have own WiFi access point but it can connect to some WLAN near car. I use my home WLAN and the access point from my mobile with car even I am not sure why. The car has its own connection to internet and updates with built-in 4G mobile network support and very likely it can use your bluetooth connected phone for networking as well. It well maybe that WiFi is needed only for bigger map or software version updates for the car.

The issue i have is that when i look at the wifi networks on the car and my phone it shows up as a MYDS network I will post picture once im back in the car

What’s the point to try to connect to car with WiFi because you connect your phone with Bluetooth to it?

You may download Navigation map updates only over WiFi.