Sat Nav

Hi everyone,
Ive just updated my satnav to the latest update (11.1.0r0) but it doesnt highlight speed cameras.
Fixed or mobile.

Is there something i should activate to get this?or an update.

I was under the impression that the vehicle comes with 3 years tomtom updates
or is that just the maps?

Thanks in advance

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Hi mate

Try going to and registering your car using your VIN number. You should get 3 years free speed cam, and should see it activated there. If not, then you can contact DS via the same website.


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Thanks Alex,ill give it a try now.

Ive just had to book it into the dealer this afternoon for them to have a look at the rear lights as they have the water ingress problem!!
I asked at the time if all the recalls have been done on the car before i bought it and the salesman said they have!
Only thing is that the nearest appoitment is 28 March!!

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I just contacted the service-store and they tell me to ask the dealer.
I’m not hopefull as i think the 3 years TomTom connected navigation is only for new cars and i’ll have to pay if i want to activatet it.
Thanks Alex

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Hi if the 3 year subscription was never originally used, you can active the 3 years free yourself as Alex states above.

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