Screen interface update

hello, I have 2022 ds 225 hp, I bought the car in November, but it got old very quickly, screen interfaces, climate controls and many at least screen interfaces can not be updated like 2023 ds

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Hey Arif,

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The DS7 (notice that CROSSBACK was dropped from it’s name) was announced back in June 2022, however if you already had an order in for the DS 7 CROSSBACK then you would receive that - they are two different models :slight_smile:


You are right, but there were vehicle features and it was not said that there would be such a change.

Yes because it is a rebranded vehicle, the changes were announced in June 2022. The DS 7 is a different car to the DS7 CROSSBACK, it has different front and rear styling, upgraded infotainment, 360 cameras, new colour options amongst other things - it would be unfair for them to just change what you ordered and give you the DS7 instead - maybe you wanted the CROSSBACK version.

I don’t have a request for a new vehicle anyway, I just asked if the multimedia screen can be made and updated.

Yes it would be possible to update the touchscreen and driver display - however they need to be programmed to your vehicle using special software. It’s not something a dealership would do for you, it needs to be done by a specialist. Where abouts are you located in the world?

I live in Turkey

I would look on some Turkish Peugeot/Citroen forums and see if there is anyone who has knowledge of telecoding. As well as purchasing the new parts they would need telecoding in to the BSI and various other ECUs.