Seat belt light

Hi guys,

Driving my ds 4 E-Tense Rivoli for 2 weeks now. Car is from 2022
I noticed that there is a (red) seat belt light on the display when you start driving, no alarms/sounds, just the light. It can take up to a minute or so before the light goes off.
Is this standard beghavior?

Yes, indeed, it’s std behavior. The red seat belt light goes off in the main instrument panel when the car stops waiting for the passengers to buckle up. The indicator above the real mirror goes white and green the same time. I really had not paid attention to that at all myself, now I need to stare it always…Your car is exactly the same as mine 2023 model. Did you notice you don’t have electrically heated front window because you have the openable glass roof? I hope you live in warm country because freezing window wipers suck a lot in Finland.

Thx Jekku. I didn’t noticed that I do not have an electrically heated front window. Luckely we did not had very low temperatures lately, in the Netherlands, since I have the car :smiley: