Servicing plan - DS 4 2022

My quarantee runs out in June. Are there technical reasons to prolong it?

DS 4 Performence line 2022
1.6, 180hp
Keyless priximity
Automatic trunk openning (button press)
Matrix LED
Heated front shield
Heated steering wheel
Electric driver seat - no heating
No Iris
Tinted windows

Thank you in advance!

If you only have 2 years warranty I am guessing that you are living in France? :blush:

In the UK it is standard to have 3 years.

It all depends on what you are comfortable with. The car is new and expensive and the cost of repairing are generally quite high.

Is the car fully paid for or are you financing/leasing it? If it is financed/leased then I would recommend extending the warranty, since this will cover you if there are any issues with the car which you cannot afford to pay for.

If you own the car, then it is your choice. Personally I would still extend the warranty because there are many things that can go wrong and I like having that protection.

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I live in Poland and the stardard is too 2y. I am financing. I asked because maybe somebody already experienced some issues with major part - like matrix leds or otherwise. Some solutions were just introduced with this model and it was inpossible to find any information on them.

And it is true what you said, they definitely would be on the expensive part :). However the extention is expensive on it’s own too.

Anyways, thank You for your reply :).


I’ve extended my warranty from standard 2 years no mileage limit to 4 years and 120000km. Is it worth it? You never know but I will give You an example. Somewhere around march 2023 there was an update of BSI module after which rear cross traffic alert and blind spot detection stopped working. After some time there was a service note about this issue and they replaced front radar to address and repair this glitch. I am 99.9% sure that this issue won’t be repaired free of charge if the car was not on warranty even though it was issue that was present on all new Stallantis cars (308/C5X/DS4). They would try to tell You that front radar is dead from some damage and You have to replace it with coverage of costs by Your side.

Warranty extension got MUCH more costy that it was on december 2021 when I order my car. The price went DOUBLE from that time. At the time it was exactly the same as warranty extension of new Peugeout 308. Now it costs like for much bigger car - Citroën C5X.

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Initially I extended my with guarantee extention and service plan. I’m so-so, because I simply don’t trust my dealership’s servicing. I was servicing my previous car (citroën ds4) after small crush and it was via insurance (OC). I got my car back with water and mold in the trunk and refusal of further investigation. With this car is no better, and I simply stopped expecting them to not do any damage and/or be difficult about anything.

I have to check, if I extend it that I can do servicing elsewhere. I’d rather drive 300km than deal with this one. What good does it do me to have servicing plan, if each time I have fight and scratch, tripple check everything, and still be left with some sort of damage. Sale team - dream. Servicing - am… no.

I’d skip it all togther, but not doing servicing in official place, impacts car’s value. So I’m a bit torn.

Thank you for your input! I greatly appreciate it. It’s not a popular car, and having someone to bounce off experiences is very helpful.

DS Service in Katowice is really OK, they also don’t know everything about those new cars and are learning but I can’t accuse them of anything bad. Contact is good and I have the feeling that they’re doing their best. If I remember correctly they’re not washing the car after the service (I’m not sure right now) but it’s a good thing for me since I don’t like those automatic washers - they scratch the car heavily.

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