Setting up WiFi connection in my car

can someone help me with seting up Wifi connection in my car.

When I enable WiFi connection in car i can connect my phone to car’s network but on my mobile phone i get message that phone cannot access global network. The SIM card in my car works well, because DS assistance calls works as they should. I wanted to make subscribtion to “connected nav services” but i can not find service anymore on offical DS service store page.

Hi @Anze_Skulj,

There are two different types of Wi-Fi mode in the DS7.

The first let’s you use your phone as a hotspot, you connect your phone to the car and configure a hotspot on the touch screen.

The other allows you to connect your car to a Wi-Fi network such as your home network or mobile hotspot, this then allows the car to check for system updates or verify map updates without the need for a license key.

There is no SIM card in the vehicle that allows you to connect and use data. The DS Assist button and SOS button is connected to it’s own sim and module, you can’t use that for data either.


I am not trying to connect to WiFi Hotspot, created by my mobile… But it seems that it just wouldn’t connect :frowning: