Several Questions about upgrading my DS7 e-tense

Hello DS owners, I hope you are doing well! I’m planning to upgrade my DS7 E-Tense 300, and I have a few questions:

  1. I currently only have a rear camera. Is it possible to add front and side cameras, at least front ones, and connect them to the system?
  2. Can I upgrade the sound system from the base ones?
  3. Is it feasible to add an interior trunk release button? It’s quite inconvenient to have to exit the car to press the button, especially when the car is running, and I can’t use my car key to open the trunk from the inside, I have to switch the car off than use the key.
  4. Can I add ambient lighting, and if so, can I connect it to the infotainment system?
  5. Is it possible to upgrade the brakes? I don’t feel entirely safe with standard brakes when using sport mode.
  6. Do you recommend wrapping it?

Yes, definitely possible and there are some bits of info on this forum, however it is very expensive and you need to find someone with knowledge of telecoding PSA vehicles to enablke and configure them for you.

Yes, someone on the forum is doing this currently: @AvatarPL

Same as the cameras, it’s possible to do it with OEM equipment, however it’s likely easier to intercept the wires coming from the trunk button and fit your own.

Yes, but same as cameras it needs telecoding.

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With IVI High without A2B (with Navigation but without Focal) it’s easy.
Speaker wires are on the blue connector to intercept using T-Harness to get 4 channels into the AMP, rest is up to You to do:

  1. power wire from battery and ground
  2. if You seek for T-Harness to get those signals write to - maybe they will have another cable - as far as I know, I took the last one
  3. install and tune AMP/DSP to Your liking.
  4. replace speakers to Your liking but don’t assume that You will connect center channel on the dash - it’s connected directly to BSFR in versions without Focal to initiate Emergency and DS Service calls so it would require a lot of work to get it done.
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Sounds complicated. I will definitely seek for professional help.

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