So this happened…

There’s a water inlet somewhere to the left rear light section. It fills up when it rains and never completely goes empty.
I have an appointment at the shop next Friday but I’m skeptical about the insurance coverage.
Is it a known thing? How on earth has there suddenly become a hole in the glass somewhere?

Video OneDrive:!Anf8jC6hf1KZgcAPak_QX9AFaGBZog

You have a 'Mk1’ DS7, this is a known issue and I had both lamps replaced under warranty (I had extended one).
It should still be replaced free if charge as its faulty manufacture/design.

Issue is the sealant on top edge of lamp fails over mid 3/4. If you remove lamp cluster and invert you’ll see where water pours out (its doing that with boot open - just cannot see the edge)

It is possible to fix yourself, remove cluster from car, empty as much as possible then blow/suck cool air through lamp from around plug entry. Clean grove on top of cluster between black housing and clear lens. Then use bathroom clear/grey/black silicone to fill the groove all the way along top of light and smoothe off. Allow to dry
This is only possible if the reflective silvering in light hasnt started lifting…
Oddly, seems unknown in France but common in UK, (as is the pushed out rear suspension bushs -probably a result of UK road state).

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Wow, really?
I mean, yeah, I definitely thought that it surely had to be a faulty design or something, but I’m still surprised to hear it since the shop wasn’t familiar with the issue.
However, the shop has only been official DS for about a year so perhaps not that strange when you think about it.
I’m not going to do anything myself, but I’ll certainly use your info negotiating with them.
Thank you!

Oh, it is well known…see here from 2021…

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Hey Jay,

There could be factory recall for your real lights.
You can check here → Citroen DS7 Recalls in EU, UK, US
For my DS7 I got DPF replacement in factory recall.

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Much appreciated, guys!
I paid a visit to the shop today to show them the video and also convey your info about design flaws and recalls etc.
They found that my car had previously already been looked over in terms of that particular water/light issue (they weren’t sure if the light had been replaced or just been controlled), but also concluded that they thought it had been handled poorly regardless.
They will now make a case with the Swedish DS Branch HQ and see what they say.
To be continued…

Yes as others have said it is a known issue. The dealer should replace them; as they did for me, free of charge.

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