Something's Off

Anyone know what this sign means?
Doors are off?
(It’s located in the ceiling, close to the rooftop buttons)
I noticed it when I was visiting the automatic carwash this morning.
Car was running, but in P.
Doors were presumably locked.

I scoured the first 40 pages of the awesome manual but didn’t find the symbol.

Could it be that the automatic cabin light on entry has been disabled?

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You’re absolutely right, Fredde!
Saw your notification right before I stepped into the car and checked immediately, and sure enough no light came on when I opened the door.
Checked the settings but “Instegsbelysning” (eng. entrance lighting) was already activated.
I pushed/pressed around the area of the lamps and that symbol, which only resulted in the light going on and off.
By chance I decided to press and hold on the symbol, and that did the trick. :sweat_smile:

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