Tailgate button inside

I think I read somewhere that a tailgate button for opening the trunk/tailgate from inside the vehicle is an optional accessory? Is that correct?
And if so, where should it be located if I do have it?

I have the fully motorized and automatic opening of the tailgate package, so I would assume that would include such a button but since I can’t find it I suspect I don’t actually have one.
The manual states that there should be one “depending on version”.
(2020 Rivoli E-Tense)

It should be below the steering wheel at the side, in the row of buttons where your heated windscreen, lane keeping etc is.

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Well, then there’s no room for it anyway, I guess. :upside_down_face:
Do I have something “better” that someone prioritized higher instead of the trunk button then?

Yes likely the remote climate replaced that, or the electronic fuel cap.

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