What does this switch do?

Hi all ,

New DS7 Crossback E-Tense owner here !

Loving the car so far , I think I’ve worked most things out but I’m struggling with this switch. I can’t find it in the manual / My DS app, nothing shows on the dash when I press it. Any ideas ? :blush:


Hello and welcome to the forum @markymark31

That is the heated windscreen button.

My DS4 was supposed to come with that but I suppose due to the chip shortages it wasn’t fitted to my car. I have the e-tense so just pre condition the cabin instead of using that function.

Ah ok perfect thank you !
I did wonder but not had the opportunity to try it yet, but also not 100% sure that is what it was as I also have the front screen demisting / defrosting button under the touchscreen.
Thanks again !


From page 54 of the manual - though it is designed for LHD vehicles and has not be mirrored for RHD.

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I was quite surprised when I found out that it doesn’t heat the driver side on RHD vehicles! :persevere: