Driver windows is not closing

Hi, I have an issue with my driver side window.

When pulling the switch to close the window - window is automatilly pulling back down to mid-height. It is happening with both long pull (auto close) and step-by-step pulling. The moment it sensors end of closing it pulls back down. I have to carefully pull ut as close as possible, just before the sensor kicks in.

Additionally long pull is not automaticly closing - I have to hold it.

It started in very low temps (-5 and lower).

Initially I thought it sensors blockage - I had similar issue once - auto close wasnt working, but going to the car washed fixed it. It has not fix it this time :).

I really dont want to go to my provider, they provide more damage than service.

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome @Em.Fire

Please follow this tutorial: Programming of side windows - MIN and MAX position - #2 by alex


I will check that. Thank you :slight_smile:

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It’s interesting that it happened by itself in Your car.

I had similar issue in my car last week but It was related to replacing front side windows to acoustic ones and they forgot to program the windows correctly.

It’s described in other post.

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I tried the method but it havents worked so far. I will try it maybe with unplugging battery first. But my gut starts to suggest it’s the switch’s fault. Fingers crossed it’s not.

It is strange to me because it’s just one window and it’s second time it has issue. Small one, but starts to get annoying.